This conference is a result of joint efforts of International Association for Spectral Imaging (IASIM), Aalborg University (AAU) and University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU).

Local organizing committee

  • Sergey Kucheryavskiy (AAU)
  • Jose Manuel Amigo Rubio (UPV-EHU)

Keynote speakers

Costanza Cucci

Costanza Cucci

Institute of Applied Physics “Nello Carrara”

Reflectance Imaging Spectroscopy for artworks, cultural and historical assets

Costanza Cucci is permanent researcher at the Institute of Applied Physics “Nello Carrara” of the Italian National Research Council (IFAC-CNR) of Florence (Italy). She received her Master Degree (“Laurea”) in Physics and her PhD in Conservation Science from the University of Florence (Italy). Her current research interests include imaging spectroscopy techniques with a special focus on reflectance hyper-spectral imaging applied to Cultural Heritage; multivariate data-analysis; multimodal approaches based on non-invasive methods for the analysis of materials and their degradation in artworks; lighting in museums; colorimetry and its applications to the study of photo-induced phenomena in polychrome objects; optical sensors.

The applicative fields of her present and past research activities include: cultural heritage, environmental monitoring, safety/quality controls in foods. She is author and/or co-author of several publications in international peer-reviewed ISI-JCR journals, book chapters and conference proceedings. She serves as reviewer for several (>15) ISI-JCR journals. She is coordinator of the ‘Indoor Lighting of Cultural Heritage’ Working Group of the Italian Standardization Body (UNI), and she is expert member of the CEN (European Committee for Standardization) Technical Committee 346/WG15 “Exhibition lighting of cultural property”.

Baowei Fei

Baowei Fei

The University of Texas at Dallas

Medical Hyperspectral Imaging

Baowei Fei is a Professor of Bioengineering and Cecil H. and Ida Green Chair in Systems Biology Science at the University of Texas at Dallas. He is also a Professor of Radiology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. He is Director of the Quantitative Bioimaging Laboratory ( and Director of the Center for Imaging and Surgical Innovation. Dr. Fei’s research interest includes medical hyperspectral imaging, image-guided surgery, artificial intelligence and augmented reality for medical applications.

He received his Master’s and PhD degrees from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. He was recognized as a Distinguished Investigator by the Academy for Radiology & Biomedical Imaging Research and as a Distinguished Scholar by the Georgia Cancer Coalition and the Governor of Georgia. He serves as Conference Chair for the International Conference of SPIE Medical Imaging – Image-Guided Procedures, Robotics Interventions, and Modeling from 2017-2020. He served as the Chair for multiple study section panels at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). He served as an Associate Editor for Medical Physics, an Editorial Board Member for the Journal of Biomedical Optics and other five journals in the field of biomedical imaging. He published more than 200 referred research articles. Dr. Fei is a Fellow of the International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE) and a Fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE).

Mauro Dalla Mura

Mauro Dalla Mura

Grenoble Institute of Technology

Hyperspectral imagery: applications in remote sensing

Mauro Dalla Mura received the B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Trento, Italy in 2005 and 2007, respectively. He obtained in 2011 a joint Ph.D. degree in Information and Communication Technologies (Telecommunications Area) from the University of Trento, Italy and in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Iceland, Iceland.He is currently an Assistant Professor at Grenoble Institute of Technology (Grenoble INP), France since 2012.

Dr. Dalla Mura is conducting his research at the Grenoble Images Speech Signals and Automatics Laboratory (GIPSA-Lab). He has been appointed "Specially Appointed Associate Professor" at the School of Computing, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan for 2019-2022. His main research activities are in the fields of remote sensing, image processing and pattern recognition. In particular, his interests include multispectral and hyperspectral image processing, computational imaging and the analysis of geophysical signals.

Marco Veneranda

Marco Veneranda

University of Valladolid

Raman imaging from terrestrial to planetary applications

Born in 1987, Marco has obtained his PhD in Analytical Chemistry (Cum Laude, Special Prize for the best thesis in the field of science) from the University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU. After research stays at the University of Connecticut (USA), Sorbonne University (France) and the Foundation for Research and Technology (Greece), since 2017 he has been employed as postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Condensed Matter Physics, Crystallography and Mineralogy of the University of Valladolid (Spain).

Marco Veneranda is part of the science team of the SuperCam instrument onboard the Mars 2020/Perseverance rover that is currently performing Raman investigations on Mars. Furthermore, he is a team member of the ExoMars/Raman Laser Spectrometer (RLS) system, which is planned to land on Mars in 2023. Beyond planetary exploration missions, current research interests also include the application of spectroscopic systems to the study of Cultural Heritage materials (collaborations with the archaeological parks of Pompeii, Paestum and Herculaneum must be underlined). He has authored over 70 scientific publications, including peer-reviewed papers, book chapters and proceedings.

Scientific committee

  • Aoife Gowen University College Dublin
  • Ana Maria De Juan Capdevila University of Barcelona
  • Federico Marini University of Rome “La Sapienza”
  • Paolo Oliveri University of Genova
  • Cyril Ruckebusch Université de Lille Sciences et Technologies
  • Ludovic Duponchel Université de Lille Sciences et Technologies
  • Bosoon Park University of Athens, Georgia, USA
  • Neal Gallagher Eigenvector Research
  • Sergey Kucheryavskiy Aalborg University
  • Jose Manuel Amigo Rubio University of the Basque Country