Due to current pandemic situation we decided to postpone IASIM-2020 to the 2022. The conference will take place in Denmark in June-July 2022, more details are coming later. Feel free to ask any questions by 2022@iasim.net

On behalf of the International Association for Spectral Imaging (IASIM), we have a pleasure to invite you to IASIM-2021, the eighth international conference in spectral imaging, which will take place in July 2022 in Skagen, Denmark.


The biannual IASIM conference is intended to provide a unified, open, cross-disciplinary and interactive forum for the exchange of information and ideas within the general spectral imaging community, regardless of the spectral or spatial range.

This conference will bring together speakers, contributors, attendees and exhibitors from areas covering all aspects of spectral imaging (microscopic, macroscopic, remote sensing) and a large variety of spectroscopic techniques. It will include three days of scientific sessions, with oral and poster presentations on spectral imaging research and applications.

Technical sessions will include keynote presentations by invited speakers, contributed presentations, panel discussions from members of the imaging community, posters and exhibitors, promoting cross-talks and new ideas.

Presenters of mature works will be encouraged to submit their manuscripts for publication in the special issue of Journal of Spectral Imaging, subject to the normal peer review process. All details are available on the conference website.